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Help long-stay guests pick you.

Why care about long-stay guests?

Remote work is trending upward as the world emerges from the pandemic.

People have realised "If I can work from home, I can work from ANYWHERE".

It's a trend Airbnb acknowledge, too.

74% of respondents surveyed for their Travel and Living Report expressed interest in living away from where their employer is based.

For hosts, and property management companies, this means...

  • Increased occupancy rates.

  • Reduced turnover costs.

  • Responsible, high quality, guests.

Don't limit your short term holiday let to party-going, care free, weekend revellers.

Maximize your return with responsible remote-workers and digital nomads staying for a month or more.

Find the balance between holiday let profitability, and long term tennant reliability, now.


We review your...

  • Listing photos.

  • Listing descriptions.

  • Listing and host profile reviews.

  • Pricing and occupancy competitiveness.

and give you...

  • a complete report

  • recommendations on how to optimize

  • a call with a dedicated expert

Thinking about Long-Stay guests?

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